About Marvin Bell

     MARVIN BELL was born in St. Louis, Mo. in 1952. At age fourteen, he finally accepted the fact that he would never be a professional singer. After working varying jobs in various venues, it was while working as a postal clerk, MARVIN BELL discovered a natural ability to make people, friends and strangers, laugh.

     In 1982, MARVIN BELL made is debut on stage as a stand-up comedian. Later that year, he managed to test his comedic talent in New York City at Catch A Rising Star. In 1983, the Showtime Network anointed MARVIN BELL one the fifty funniest persons in America (representing his home state). That same year, MARVIN BELL made his acting debut in Charles Fuller’s “Brownsville Raid” and would appear in several more theater productions over the next two years.

     MARVIN BELL would take some vacation time in 1984 and visit five different cities where he managed to get on stage and establish himself as reputable comedian. By the time his vacation ended, he had bookings covering most of the first six weeks of 1985. In July of that year,

     MARVIN BELL said goodbye to the postal service and embarked on a full-time position as a professional comedian. With the help of his comedy mentors, Zack and Mack, MARVIN BELL was able to keep his calendar full for several years.

     In 1987, MARVIN BELL relocated to Los Angeles where he consistently worked local clubs along with the out of town clubs he had come to frequent regular.

     Personal circumstances found MARVIN BELL in Cleveland for the later part of 1993 and most of 1994, leading to his move to New York in November of that year. With clubs, colleges, and cruise ships a staple aspect of his work, in New York MARVIN BELL was able to add the Catskills, the Pocono’s, and the retirement villages of southern Florida to his list of comedy credits.

                  It was 2010 when MARVIN BELL made the conscious and unnerving decision to focus on acting once again. A difficult task that has seen MARVIN BELL acting in numerous stage productions as well as films, music videos, as well as network and television programs.

              With all his credentials, experience, and confidence, MARVIN BELL plans to continue his acting and comedy pursuits for as long as life allows him to do so.

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